Air & Train Ambulance Gorakhpur

Air and train ambulance services with full ICU setups from Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur city is located at the bank of the River Rapti in the eastern part of Uttar Pradesh state. Nepal is near the city border and it is home to the Gorakshanath Temple. This city is the most flood-downcast district in eastern UP. It has the world’s largest Railway platform in UP, India. Gorakhpur is the place where the renowned Indian revolutionary Ram Prasad Bismil was hanged by the British government for the Kakori Train Robbery Case.

Medical Emergency Charter Air Ambulance from Gorakhpur

Medilift is the foundation and base of ambulance whether Air or Train from Gorakhpur to Delhi or other cities having the full ICU equipments and a long time working for emergency medical team. The most of the patients from Gorakhpur to Delhi by Charted Air Craft, Commercial jet Airways and Train Ambulance are being shifted with full-fledged ICU setups and the best medical team members. It is prepared for providing its services to the patients anytime after the authentic and serious call booking. It is the Air Ambulance and Train Ambulance Services which is standing round the clock to shift the patients with maximum life stocking and prolonging equipments. Ultimately, it has low cost and no any hidden and extra charges during call booking.