Medical Escort

At Medilift Air & Train Ambulanceswe have a unique facility called ‘Medical Escort’. This facility is for those persons who are a bit stable but are unable to take a long journey. We provide medical escort facility to these types of patient. We have air craft for these patients with both basic life support facility and advanced life support facility. In basic life support facility air craft we have all life-saving equipment starting from simple bandage to oxygen. In advanced life support air craft we have all high-tech equipment like cardiac monitor, pacemaker ventilator, etc.

But in both basic life support air craft and advanced life support aircraft one to two well qualified and highly experienced doctors, nurses and paramedical staffs are available monitoring the condition of the patient.

If you need any such air craft facilities you can contact Medilift Air & Train Ambulances customer care center and have all the information related to these air crafts. You do not need to worry if you cannot decide whether your patient need basic life support air craft or advanced life support air craft, just call our 24 x 7 customer care. They will take every details of the condition of you patient and will tell you what type of medical escort your patient will require.

When you will call our customer care they will also ask you about your budget and will advise you to avail the available facility accordingly. There is no hidden cost involved in our service. Our representative will make you have the benefit of our transparent dealings. Contact Medilift Air & Train Ambulances right now.