Ground Ambulance


Medilift ground ambulance consists of air conditioned small sized and full-sized van. In our ground ambulance we keep all the facilities starting from a simple bandage to high-tech life-saving equipment like cardiac monitor, ventilators, oxygen, pacemakers, etc.

Our ground ambulances are just like an ICU of a hospital, having all qualified staffs, starting from specialist doctors to well trained and experienced nurses. We have a team of specialist doctors like cardiologist, nephrologist, neurologist, urologist, etc. Depending on the condition and the disease of the patient we let our related specialist doctors to accompany with the patient. So once you book our ground ambulance service, you do not need to worry about the patient. Every little thing will be taken care of by our dedicated doctors and staffs.

Before we move with our patient to your desired location we always ask for the prescription that were given by the present serving doctors and take all the medicines prescribed by him. Sometime if we feel we may also contact the doctor who is presently serving your patient so it is mandatory to give the contact number of the doctor at the time of booking our service.

Our staffs at Medilift Air & Train Ambulancesare very helpful and caring. We treat our customers as our family members and we always forward our helping hand to our customers.

Ground ambulance service is generally preferred when the distance of the desired location is between 200 to 500 kms. We don’t recommend transferring your patient if the distance is beyond 500 kms. In such case you can avail our train or air ambulance service.