1. What Means Air Ambulance Service and how does it work in India?

Air Ambulance Services in India has two kinds the first one is Private Air Planes and the second one is Commercial or Economical Airlines. Both private and commercial have their own importance to transfer the patients from one city to another city under the ICU facility. This ambulance service is the very quickest and fastest service which is available to anyone at the same time when it is booked and within a short span of time it is available to shift the patients anytime as per availability and possibility.

2. What Means Train Ambulance ICU Service and How Does it Work in All Over India?

Train or Rail Ambulance Services is one of the most economical ICU emergency services where the serious patients are being transferred in Tier 2, Tier 1 or Tier 3 AC the best train in the required locality train schedule in India. Four or Three train tickets are booked in the economy class and is prepared the Full ICU or Semi-ICU setups according to the patients’ condition and treated as the same as the ICU room during the entire trip under the supervision of medical team in which MD doctor, paramedical staffs or medical staffs and all the essential ICU emergency equipments such as ventilator, cardiac monitor, suction machine, infusion pump, oxygen cylinders and all the required basic to advanced life supporting amenities are available regarding the patients’ treatment from one bed to another bed. It is more economically than Air Ambulance Services but the best and chief reliable ICU emergency facilities for everyone who really needs to get his/her better treatment.

3. What Means Ground or Road Ambulance Services and How Does it Procure the Patients?

Ground Ambulance Services or Road Ambulance Services is the services where the serious patients are being transferred by Advance Life Supports (ALS), Basic Life Support (BLS) or Quick Emergency Vehicles (QEV) vehicles. All the emergency vehicles are their respective importance and values and they are used for a short distance to transfer the patients from one place to another place. It is totally economically and affordable which costing can borne by everyone at the time of emergency or casual.

4. Who and How Can Avail of All the ICU Emergency Services of Air Ambulance, Train Ambulance or Road Ambulance in India or Outside of India?

The mode of booking of all ambulance services in India is very easy and simple which is available to anyone by sitting at the same place. Air Ambulance Services booking is confirmed when 100% payment is done via online or offline as the payment is confirmed within or the determined time the services of air ambulance are available to the needy.
Train Ambulance Services booking is so simple when 50-60% payment is done the booking is confirmed and the determined or scheduled time table of train its services is available to the needy. Most of the booking is confirmed in India is online through banks NEFT, RTGS, UPI or IMPS it is because of it is the easiest mode and safest mode of booking.

5. How Can the People Book or Hire Air Ambulance Service in India?

Although the emergency service is the service when the emergency service is required at the peak time when patients are dubious and bad condition, the emergency services of Air Ambulance or Train Ambulance is available to them only after the call booking as the fixed amount by the clients through online or offline. Booking of any serious call is available online as per direction or offline having gone to offices or determined places.

6. How Can the People Book or Hire Train Ambulance Service or Ground Ambulance Service in India?

It is very easy procedure of call booking by the people those who really need to transfer their patients by Train ICU Emergency Facilities or Ground Ambulance Services booking is available for both online and offline or as per guidelines. Online like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI or banks and offline like offices, hospitals, determined places. The booking is confirmed the service is available to the needy within the given or determined time for the train ambulance or ground ambulance.

7. Which of Them ICU Emergency Services Are Very Economical and Reliable For The Serious Patients to Transfer Them from One City to Another City?

Actually, Each and every ambulance services has its own importance but according to the serious patients and observing their condition it is very difficult to determine which one is economical or extravagant. But Air Ambulance Services in which Charted Aircraft or Private Aircrafts is very costly in the comparison of anyone. There is a series of air ambulance services by taking their cost comparison. Private Aircrafts is costlier than Commercial Airlines. Here Train Ambulance ICU facility is more economical for the clients’ relatives for a long distance more than 500 km because in train all the facilities are available like ICU room for the sake of serious patients.

8. Medilift Ambulance Service Has All Over World ICU Facilities?

Yes. Medilift Ambulance Services has all around the world ICU emergency services facilities by Private Charted Aircraft, Commercial Airlines or Helicopter ICU facility whereas Train Ambulance ICU facility is available in all over India each and every corner of India. The world class medical escorts or team members are available in both Air Ambulance Services and Train Ambulance Services round the clock from one bed to another bed till then the patients are not shifted. All the basic to advanced life stocks equipments like- ventilator, cardiac monitor, suction machine, infusion pump, nebulizer machine, oxygen cylinder or all the essential requirements are available to the patients during the trip.

9. How Can an Individual Shift his Patient Outside of India Under the Medilift ICU Emergency Facility at an Economical Cost?

Actually, in India by Air Ambulance Service is easy and some required documents are essential to provide to the Medilift Air Ambulance Service by which they could make sure of patients’ transferring after the verification of its medical team’ panel but outside of India the clients have to submit some required documents related to patients such as – medical case summary, ID proof, visa, passport and the required documents for the sake of their transferring from India to abroad or vice-versa.

10. Is Medilift Air or Train Ambulance Services Really Very Economical or Reliable in All Over The World?

Yes. No doubt; it is obvious that it has the very economical and competitive cost is charged from the clients for the sake of their patients’ transferring from one city to another city or one country to another country at a span of time.